Swansea Office


Swansea is the head office and is the home to four partners and about fifty staff.  The office has several departments with specialist staff enabling us to give detailed and specific guidance on complicated and technical tax and accounting issues.  Within our departments our Swansea office is home to our Charities Centre of Excellence, our Housing Association Centre of Excellence and our Research and Development Tax credit specialist.

We serve clients across South Wales and further afield and our partners pride ourselves on taking the time to really understand our client’s needs.

We have partners and staff with specialisms in a wide variety of sectors as detailed on the sectors pages of our website.  

How we help our clients

Besides crunching the numbers our team goes that extra mile in providing customer service. We aim to help you:

  • Understand your financial problems and come up with solutions to solve them;
  • Reduce your stress levels by providing you accurate information to help you better predict what your finance will do in future;
  • Build your wealth;
  • Free up your time so that your business gives you a life instead of taking it away from you.  We too often come across business owners who spend so much time in their business they have no time for themselves or their family.  Plumbers who don’t have time to fix their kitchen tap, doctors who ignore their health and solicitors who haven’t made their own wills are just a few examples.  We like to think we can help with that. 

The team approach

Accounting and tax legislation is so complex these days that no one person can do it all but we know people like having a primary point of contact who they deal with and who oversees the service we offer.  To achieve this we offer a primary point of contact who will get to know you and your business and obtain a good understanding of the main issues that impact you.  The primary contact will then be backed up by specialists in each specific sector making sure you get expert advice.  We find this approach ensures you get high quality specialist advice without missing the big picture as we all work together to deliver great outcomes.

Part of the community

We know that in order for the people of our area to be healthy and happy we need a vibrant local economy.  We recognise that as well as giving support to our staff so that they can give great advice to our clients and help them grow we can do more.  We therefore get actively involved in local initiatives and groups who aim to grow the local economy.  Our staff are involved with the Swansea Business Club, the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, the Swansea Seed Fund as well as several other organisations and work with local schools and universities to give work experience to local pupils and undergraduates.

Langdon House
Langdon Road
Swansea Waterfront

Tel: 01792 410100
Fax: 01792 648105

Swansea Office

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