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Charity Training Courses

Our specialist charities team works closely with a number of charitable and third sector organisations across South Wales. We arrange training courses to help clients and non-clients ensure that their trustees and staff are kept up-to-date on key financial issues.

Our current training courses are: 

Course 1: Trustees’ roles and responsibilities

Trustees and Committee members play a very important role within a charity. This course looks at the specific roles, tasks and responsibilities of charity trustees.

Course 2: Risk management

Like all other businesses, charities must review their risks and plan how they will manage those risks. This course outlines the basic principles and strategies that can be applied to help charities assess and manage their risks.

Course 3: Trading subsidiaries 

This course looks at how charities may engage in trading. It explains the different trading vehicles, looks at when a trading company should be established and outlines what activities they can carry out.

Course 4: Governance 

Good governance is essential for any charity; this course explains the principles of good governance and provides detailed guidance on managing charities’ resources and risk.

Course 5: Understanding accounts/accounts made easy 

This course provides a guide to charity accounts specifically for the non-accountant which is aimed at trustees and committee members to help them understand the accounts.

Course 6: Making the most of your trustees report 

The Trustee’s annual report can be a valuable opportunity to give donors a greater insight into the work of your charity. This course looks at how the report can be used as a marketing tool to make a real impact for your charity.

Course 7: Budgets and cash flows

One of the key features of a well-run charity is to have a budget for income and expenditure over a given period. This course looks at how to prepare the budgets and how these become cash-flow forecasts, and how to monitor budgets on an on-going basis.

Course 8: Incorporation of an unincorporated charity 

Trusts and unincorporated charities do not benefit from the limited liability enjoyed by incorporated charities. This course considers the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating a charity and the process of incorporation.

Course 9: VAT and charities 

Charities are generally subject to the same VAT as any other organisations. There are a number of VAT reliefs and exemptions that are available to charities that meet certain conditions and restrictions. This course looks at the VAT reliefs available to charities, the advantages and disadvantages of VAT registration and the sorts of activities that are subject to VAT.

Booking or more information

Costs: The first course is free then any additional courses are charged at £200 plus VAT regardless of the numbers of delegates. To book onto any of our training courses or for more information please contact us.

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