CIC accounts preparation

Using a Bevan & Buckland chartered accountant will ensure that the often complicated process of preparing CIC accounts is handled safely and efficiently. The resulting accounts will comply with the law and meet statutory duties. In addition to having to comply with Companies House regulations, CIC accounts have to comply with the CIC regulator: we can ensure your accounts comply with these rules and help you draft a compliant annual return.

Accurate accounts are critical to help you understand how your business is performing. We will also help you by identifying all tax allowances that you are eligible for, to reduce your tax bills.

At Bevan & Buckland we take the time to meet with directors / trustees to ensure the accounts are understood and that they can be interpreted in a way that will improve your business, for example by giving tips to improve cash flow or profit.

When preparing your accounts, we will also look for ways to improve all your systems and processes, giving you clear, detailed feedback and outlining ways to improve your accounting systems.

Accounts also now need to be tagged using iXBRL, which is a way of tagging financial data to create abridged accounts. Without the correct software, this can become a laborious and manual task. Our accounts software is fully iXBRL compliant and we file tagged accounts as standard and at no additional cost to our clients.

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