Financial due diligence work

Financial due diligence is an investigation of a company or organization to ensure that the assets they claim to have do exist, are fairly valued and that all liabilities of the company are reflected in their accounts.  It helps the buyer make sure they know what it is they are acquiring.

Bevan & Buckland have carried out financial due diligence on a variety of organizations across many years in connection with acquisitions and mergers. Our service gives the purchaser peace of mind that the company or assets being acquired are fairly valued and that there are no hidden liabilities. If necessary, we can also give guidance on the price being paid.

Often our due diligence work covers a wider scope with reviews of financial forecasts and other aspects of the organisation and well as helping to understand how the new organisation will work in the future.

You will received a detailed report highlighting any major issues and helping you to understand the organisation you are planning to take over/merge with.

Our work can also help set out any warrantees that should be asked for from the seller and can link with our tax team to make sure any transaction is tax efficient.

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