Welcome to Hubweb

Hubweb is a collaboration between two long established businesses in the Swansea Bay Region. This service has been created to provide a flexible service offering both Legal & Tax perspectives of intellectual property.

Competing in the domestic or international market place, intellectual property is of significant economic value to businesses.

Not only does Hubweb aim to untangle the issues surrounding IP for your business, but the combined resource, will potentially reduce time and professional costs for growing businesses in today’s modern world.

Every business has intellectual property but very few know how to exploit or manage it correctly for financial benefit.

Hubweb will……………..

Identify your intellectual property assets, provide guidance on what intellectual property is and how to identify it and if deemed necessary undertake a full IP audit.

Use simple language and clear explanation to help your business to protect its intellectual property assets through:-

  • General principles of good contract management
  • The provision of key template documents (covering everything from non-disclosure agreements to basic employment contracts that include confidentiality and intellectual property provisions)
  • Drafting bespoke contracts so those engaged in high value transactions are protected on a project specific basis
  • Signposting to other professionals (such as patent attorneys, those engaged in the business intelligence sector and IT experts ie penetration testers) where required

Assist your business to commercialise its intellectual property through:-

  • Advice on franchising and licensing agreements
  • Assignment of intellectual property rights
  • Advice on the use of intellectual property assets as security – whether part of a bespoke arrangement, or as part of a more general funding package

Put in place effective tax planning through:-

  • Preparation of R&D tax relief claims, to maximise the cash benefit to be derived by companies
  • Preparation of Patent Box claims, and advice on the structure of the regime to ensure qualification
  • Identification and implementation of other tax planning, including but not limited to:
  • Assistance with raising equity finance (for instance, EIS and SEIS)
  • Assistance with the implementation of share schemes (for instance, EMI)
  • Assisting your business to adopt appropriate accounting policies and procedures

Enable your business to keep up to date with opportunities and current threats to businesses through the hosting of open access clinics, roadshows and a monthly newsletter.

For start ups, Hubweb will assist those who have an idea but who have not yet entered into business, providing guidance at the outset and assistance given to signpost individuals towards appropriate business support. A sliding fee scale can be implemented where required so that those at the start of the business ladder have access to affordable legal, accounting and taxation advice.  This will be discussed on a case by case basis.

What now?

For more information on how Hubweb can assist you and your business, or business idea, contact:

Dr Kerry Beynon,, 01792 529645

Paul Arnold,, 01792 410110

We would be delighted to have an informal discussion to see if our solution is your solution.

Taken the hassle out of my tax affairs.