Export Sage to Excel

Whilst the reports provided by Sage are extensive, we have found that a number of clients would prefer different reports, both in terms of layout and content.

With our experience in both Sage and Microsoft Excel, our team has been involved with producing specialist reports for our clients. This has been achieved in a number of ways to suit the clients’ needs: we have set up basic templates in Excel and then either exported data from Sage, run Sage reports directly in Excel or set up a data link between the two packages so that the data in Sage feeds directly into Sage with the click of a button.

Other Sage assistance

Whilst Sage is generally a robust software package, we have had instances where the database has become corrupt. If the client has not signed up for Sage Cover, the cost for Sage to repair the data has been in excess of £600 with a seven day turnaround.

Using our knowledge of Sage and Excel, we have managed to export the data from Sage and create a new backup for the client within a day and the client has saved at least 50% of the Sage charge in addition to being back up and running within two days compared to the Sage turnaround.

By directing us in certain areas to help benefit the company and having other packages available such as payroll & B&B Wealth Management
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