Raising finance

All companies need to raise finance at some point, either in the form of debt, equity or grants.

Debt is normally received from banks or other lenders such as crowd funding or friends and family.

Equity is usually investment by way of shares and is normally put in by the business owners or external investors.

Grants can be received from a number of governmental and non governmental organisations.

Bevan & Buckland can help ensure your accounts paint the very best picture of your business in order to improve your chances of successfully raising finance. In addition to this, we can provide forecasts and assist you in the preparation of your application documents, as well as advising the best type of finance for the project you are planning to undertake.

We have good contacts across a number of banks, grant providers and other sources of finance meaning that if you are looking to raise funds we can put you in touch with people who will be able to help you.

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