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Managed IT Services

Bevan Buckland in partnership with Tech-Wales offers a premium business IT Support service to our clients regardless of size. Choose from pay-as-you-go services or monthly IT support contracts, we offer flexibility without tying you into a long-term commitment.

Working with a variety of businesses from single person micro-businesses to the largest multi-national PLCs, we recognise that each of these different types of business require different levels of support services. Smaller business tend to be more cost-sensitive, and require less support than a larger businesses and our pay-as-you-go plans are perfect for smaller businesses or businesses that are at the start of their period of growth.

As your business gets larger, then you are more focused on ensuring that your employees can be productive and managing your larger infrastructure. A Typical SME can save around £2K per month by outsourcing your IT support versus directly employing an IT professional. Outsourcing your IT support to us means you have access to a whole team of IT professionals who are just a phone-call away.

Our Managed IT Support services include:

Telecoms and Connectivity services are also now available including:

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