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Accountants for Dentists

As leading accountants for dentists in Swansea and across South Wales, Bevan & Buckland’s medical accounting team offers specialist taxation services to dental practitioners and their practices.

Our specialist accountants for dentists are members of the Chartergroup Healthcare network which means we’re always on top of the latest developments in the dental sector.

The dental profession has been through some ups and downs in recent years with the increasing regulatory burden, changes in tax law and pressure on pensions. We’ve built our reputation as accountants for dentists in Wales by keeping ahead of these changes and reducing their impact on our clients in the dental sector.

We also offer strategic advice on running a profitable surgery, growing your dental practice, and expanding. That includes guidance on tax efficient business structures, from sole trader to partnership to a limited company, as well as long-term business planning.

Pensions for dentists are especially challenging, especially for self-employed dentists contracting through the National Health Service (NHS). Our dentist accountants know the pitfalls of the NHS pension scheme and superannuation and can offer expert advice on ensuring your income is protected later in life.

We also offer support with income from private dental plans and from Dental Practice Board (DPB) payments for any work you do via the NHS.

Contact one of our dental accounting specialists in Swansea online today or call 01792 410100.

Accounting services for dentists

  • Dental practice board (DPB) payments.
  • NHS pensions and superannuation.
  • Dental practice business planning.
  • Annual accounts, tax returns and bookkeeping.
  • Tax planning.


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