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Audit services

Although the need for statutory audits is now reduced, an audit can still be a really beneficial tool to help your business. As registered auditors we are legally entitled to undertake audit work and we are also able to report under the government’s new reduced requirements for Companies with smaller turnovers.

We can help…

    • Prepare and submit your statutory annual audit
    • Prepare and submit specialist audits such as Solicitors Audits, pension scheme audits, grant audits, charities audits, FSA registered organisation audits and Trust audits

And the benefits for you…

    • Meet your statutory obligations
    • Identify and assess any risks within your business
    • Assess financial trends within your business
    • Provide assurance to your potential funders and stakeholders
    • Benchmark you against similar organisations



Full statutory audit

Larger companies require a statutory audit but many smaller companies choose to have one for the benefit of their shareholders and funders.

Statutory audits can provide huge value to directors and shareholders, first by giving independent, external confirmation that the figures are materially correct.

The process of an audit will also help you identify ways to improve the internal financial controls of the business.

As an audit firm with over 100 years’ experience across many sectors, we provide established and experienced auditors who are able to add real value through our detailed audit findings report.

Part of the audit process is to do a thorough risk assessment of your business every year. This often identifies high risk areas that shareholders can address in order to minimise the risk. Having an annual audit also improves your internal controls which increases your chances of detecting fraud within the business.

When carrying out audits we work closely with your company’s director and management team to ensure the audit process is as smooth as possible and causes minimum disruption to the business.

All Bevan & Buckland audits include a high level of time and input from our partners to ensure that quality is exceptional and all files go through a three stage file review process to ensure the quality of the audit is high.


Grant claim audits

Grant providing bodies often require independent audits of grant claims before or after they release the money.

Bevan & Buckland has years of experience in this arena. We have carried out grant audits on behalf of the Welsh Government, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO), local authorities and other grant awarding bodies, and understand that turning grant claims around in a very short space of time is critical to ensure cash flow is not adversely affected.


Solicitors accounts rules audits

Bevan & Buckland have many years of experience in preparing Solicitors’ Accounts Rules (SAR) audits. If you are required by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) to have your client accounts audited by an external accountant, we are ideally placed to carrying this work out in a way that causes minimum disruption to your business.

We will prepare the report required under the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts Rules 2011, and prepare the SRA’s Reporting Accountant’s Checklist for your records.

To contact a member of our specialist audit team, please contact the office nearest to you.

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Alternatively please call us on 01792 410100.


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