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Self Assessment Tax Returns

A digital Self Assessment Tax Return service

At Bevan Buckland, we’re enthusiastic about the potential of technology and cloud accounting software and here’s where the revolution began – with HMRC’s online self assessment tax return system, which is now decades old.

Paving the way for Making Tax Digital (MTD), which is likely to roll out to income tax in the next few years, it gave taxpayers not covered by PAYE the responsibility for calculating their own tax bill and submitting it to HMRC by 31 January each year.

The problem is, it’s not always plain sailing submitting a self assessment tax return, especially if you have multiple sources of income, such as one or more businesses, rental properties and investments. That’s why many people with complex financial arrangements prefer to let us manage the tax return process on their behalf.

Why ask an accountant to do your tax return?

There are plenty of advantages to using our tax return service. For one thing, it means experienced accountants scrutinising your books and identifying tax reliefs and allowances you might not have realised you’re entitled to. Our tax experts can also identify where changes to your business structure, or the way you and your spouse or partner manage your finances together, could reduce your tax bill.

It also means you won’t have to deal with the sometimes frustrating, often confusing self-assessment online system, with its page after page of questions and checkboxes. Letting us handle this reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes being made and deadlines being missed.

And if HMRC does have queries about your return, we’ll be able to respond on your behalf, heading off most quibbles without causing you stress or wasting your time.

Talk to us today about your personal tax return.

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