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Tax investigation service

What does a tax investigation service involve?

Our tax investigation service is administered by us and underwritten by an insurance company. It covers our costs to represent the client in a tax investigation.

If you subscribe to this service, you are covered for all enquiries into tax, VAT and PAYE, including a full enquiry, an aspect enquiry, and PAYE and compliance visits.

The coverage ensures that your accountancy fees in the event of an investigation will be zero – and this invaluable peace of mind can cost as little as £20 plus VAT a month.

Tax investigation representation

Tax investigations are on the increase as HMRC looks to tax to reduce the Government budget deficit. Tax investigations can be disruptive, intrusive and expensive, often lasting for many months and sometimes years. Anyone who completes a tax return can be selected at random for a tax investigation. Win or lose you will always have to pay the cost of fighting the tax man.

To protect our clients we offer a tax investigation service to protect you from the costs of a HMRC tax investigation. This service is backed by an insurance policy under which we can claim the costs of defending our clients. Annual charges start from as little as £240 plus VAT.


To contact our tax investigations team, please click here. Alternatively please call us on 01792 410100.

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