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Forensic accounting

Forensic accountancy is the business of interrogating records to establish the true financial position of an individual or organisation. Bevan Buckland works in partnership with the legal profession to provide evidence for legal proceedings.

We are equipped to provide forensic accounting support during fraud investigations, divorce settlements, business partnership disputes, business valuations, commercial and contract disagreements and more.

Our experienced accountancy team will work with your lawyer to analyse available financial evidence so that an objective view can be reached and, ideally, so that a settlement can be arranged before costly court cases are necessary.

Division of wealth during divorce proceedings, for example, can be made easier and less emotionally taxing with a valuation of business and personal assets that all parties agree is fair and realistic.

It’s our duty, essentially, to remain impartial and to convey that impartiality in the documentation arising from our investigations. Our forensic accounting reports are always clear, rigorous and detailed, anticipating challenges and further questions to pre-empt possible challenges.

If your case does go to court, Bevan Buckland can supply expert witness testimony to help reach a fair decision faster, with a corresponding reduction in legal costs.

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