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Insolvency advice

As licensed insolvency practitioners, our team can guide you through the financial, legal and regulatory implications of insolvency if this is the final option for you.

However, our approach to insolvency is more about recovery, and we believe that prevention is better than cure.

The key to preventing business failure is to have the right controls in place to help identify areas of poor performance or early signs of distress in a business and to take appropriate remedial action if and when such signs appear.

Even where a business is in a relatively advanced state of financial distress, we still regard insolvency as a last resort and prefer to explore all possibilities of restructuring the business and setting it on a path to full recovery.

Often this will involve refocusing on core business activities, introducing stringent cost controls, and setting clear profitability goals.

This approach, we believe, is in the best interests of all the stakeholders – shareholders, directors, managers, employees, customers, and suppliers.

If all else fails and administration, bankruptcy, liquidation or a voluntary arrangement are inevitable Bevan & Buckland can guide you through the financial, legal and regulatory implications.

If you are facing insolvency then call us on 01437 760 666 or 01267 233 115 or email us at for insolvency advice on how we can help keep your business in good shape.

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