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Small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, are the backbone of the Welsh economy, providing more than one third of jobs and employing more than a million people.

Accounting for small business isn’t just about compliance, although of course that’s important – it’s also about strategic advice designed to help them grow. After all, every big company you can think of was an SME once.

The SME you own and operate might be in the process of taking on its first employees, so you need help with payroll. Maybe it’s expanding and you need guidance preparing compelling business plans to win the necessary investment. Or perhaps your management team needs support with cashflow forecasting, budgeting and reporting to enable thoughtful decision making.

It could even be as simple as needing your corporation tax return handled without hassle.

Whatever accountancy services your small or medium-sized business requires, Bevan Buckland is the adaptable, determined finance partner you need.

From manufacturing to technology, and from tourism to environmental startups, our team has experience working with SMEs in key industry sectors across South and West Wales.

We’ve also got a practical approach to tax planning for SMEs, identifying tax reliefs and allowances and advising on business structures that will maximise the amount of cash available for reinvestment while minimising your firm’s tax bill.

Talk to one of our team today so we can find out what you want your business to achieve and start to build a package of support that will help you get there.

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