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Technology Consultancy and Support

Bevan Buckland LLP Tech-Wales


Bevan Buckland partners with Tech-Wales to provide up to date technology advice and solutions for our clients.  Our focus is to help our clients navigate the latest developments in technology.  We can help your business drive productivity through automation and process integration, we can help reduce costs by advising on the most cost-effective technology solutions, and we can help reduce technology related risks and assist you in the design of your technology infrastructure.  We also provide help desk support to resolve and reduce the day-to-day impact of technology issues on your business.  Along with staffing and people, technology is one of the most important investment decisions and cost factors for our clients.  We are here to help our clients make the right decisions and help you use technology to drive client service and bottom line profitability.

Business Applications & Consulting


The technology landscape is rapidly changing.  Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are terms that every business should be thinking about.  Low code platforms are enabling businesses to build bespoke IT solutions without tying themselves in to expensive third party software contracts and without the risk of lengthy and expensive software development projects.

COVID-19 had also made business rethink how they interact with the customers and suppliers. Whether it is offering great customer service, building resilience into day-to-day operations or empowering employees to do their jobs wherever they are, organisations are having to plan for change.

Technologies such as Microsoft Power Platform are allowing organisations to unify their operations and provide personalised customer experiences from sales, through production and delivery. Using rapid “low-code” solutions that can be configured and reconfigured quickly allows organisations to solve business problems. Your customers can interact with you through Virtual Agents and Customer Portals, whilst employees can use new tools to manage their workflow and focus on how they deliver real value.

Employee and client expectations and needs are rapidly changing, an any business that wants to put itself ahead of the competition needs to be thinking about how technology can transform the user experience of both clients and employees.  Utilising technology to improve process management allows businesses to focus their efforts on the high value added tasks that clients are willing to pay for.

Typical solutions that we are delivering include:

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