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Bevan & Buckland video series No 1 – An expert insight into business valuation

This is the first in a series of six short videos that have been developed to provide businesses with essential advice across various key areas.
The videos will feature an expert insight into business valuation, research and development tax credits, auto enrolment, financial advice, tax investigations and charities.

“Getting the facts about your professional finances isn’t always easy. The web is littered with financial advice but knowing who to trust can be difficult for internet users to decipher. We have created these six videos to give businesses throughout Wales and the rest of the UK better access to accurate and up-to-date information straight from the experts,” said Harri Lloyd Davies, partner at Bevan and Buckland.

Harri added: “As leaders in the financial field, each and every member of the Bevan & Buckland team provide valuable advice on a daily basis to local, regional and national businesses looking for support and assistance. With the launch of our video series we look forward to spreading our knowledge to the business community of South Wales.”

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