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The Welsh Government has confirmed future developments must consider climate change effects like future flooding and coastal erosion risk. In Wales, developers will now also have to work with flood risk and coastal erosion maps. The Welsh Government have made these available today. The maps will show current risk levels as well as the risk posed by climate change.

The Flood Map for Planning identifies four types of flood zone, with each zone having particular advice in TAN 15 for proposed developments.

Climate Change Minister Julie James said “Improved knowledge of the places which will be at risk in the future can help keep people safe”.

James also added “Serious flooding events are becoming more frequent and some areas currently at little risk will become vulnerable”.

The new planning policy advice is known as Technical Advice Note 15, or TAN 15 for short. TAN 15 will inform future local development plans and decisions on planning applications in high risk areas. It will also be used by the Welsh Government, local planning authorities and developers. This is the latest effort to direct development away from areas at risk of flooding and coastal erosion.

TAN 15 is also clear that new developments of homes, emergency services, schools and hospitals, must not be located in areas of high flood risk without strong flood defences.

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