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From September 1, the government grant towards employee wages will be reduced to 70%. From October 1, the government grant will be reduced again to 60%. During these months’ employers will be asked to contribute towards the cost of their furloughed employees’ wages to ensure they continue to receive at least 80% of their wages for the time they are on furlough.

You cannot claim for:

  • additional National Insurance or pension contributions you make because you choose to top up your employee’s wages
  • your employees’ wages for any time they spend working, or any National Insurance or pension contributions you make on these wages
  • any pension contributions you make that are above the mandatory employer contribution

You can choose to top up your employees’ wages above the minimum furlough pay amount, but you do not have to. Employees must not work or provide any services for the business during hours which they are recorded as being on furlough, even if they receive a top-up wage.

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