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North Wales Digital Drive operate as a not-for-profit social enterprise (also termed a Community Interest Company). They are also the only treatment centre of this kind in North Wales and are offering secure recycling, re-use and disposal services for all IT pieces. People from around the area can donate their old IT equipment to the centre. The items can then be recycled and sold to disadvantaged groups for reuse.

The social enterprise is looking to provide equipment to groups and organisations across North Wales. At the moment, North Wales Digital Drive is asking businesses and public sector bodies to help them out. The social enterprise is seeing huge rises in demand for its services, as many groups are finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

After securely removing any data, North Wales Digital Drive refurbishes at least 20% of donated working pieces. North Wales Digital Drive will then donate renewed products to local charities and organisations.

The rest is sold to fund the Community Interest Company. The sale includes reduced costs to groups in local areas unable to afford the IT they need. Low-income families, long-term unemployed people and start-up businesses can all benefit from North Wales Digital Drive.

Donate your redundant IT equipment today at the North Wales Digital Drive centre today.

See: Contact — North Wales Recycle I.T. CIC (