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A new toolkit has been launched to support businesses to help their employers get the COVID-19 vaccine. The Welsh Government is encouraging employers to do all they can to support their workforce to get vaccinated.

It encourages them to:

  • Be as flexible as possible when it’s time for staff to have the COVID-19 vaccine, this could include giving employees paid time off work to attend their appointments for both vaccine doses.
  • Use the campaign resources provided by the Welsh Government to run an awareness campaign in their organisation. They can then provide employees with access to reliable and accurate information about the vaccine.
  • Share the Q&A document and expert advice videos to explain the vaccine and answer common questions employees may have.
  • Urge staff to be cautious about misinformation and encourage them to use trusted sources like if they are searching for information or answers to questions about the vaccine.
  • Create employee vaccine champions by encouraging staff to discuss their experiences and share information with colleagues, family and friends.

Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said, “For the vaccine to be as effective as possible, it is really important that as many people as possible have it. Only through a collective effort will we encourage as many people as possible to get the COVID-19 vaccine”.

For further information visit GOV.Wales.-19