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Welsh Government have recently announced additional financial support for businesses negatively impacted by the latest restrictions that have been applied in Wales.

The COVID-19 Economic Resilience Fund (ERF) Business Support – December 2021 – February 2022 Eligibility Checker is now live and we recommend all businesses review the checker in the next week so they know whether they can apply.

The application process will go live from 17th January and as with previous rounds, we expect demand to be high so strongly recommend any bids are made during the first 24 hours where possible.

There will also be additional potential funding available from Local Authorities from next week and again we strongly recommend you check your local councils business page on Monday 10th January to see if you are eligible for any additional support. Whilst some grants should be paid automatically we have seen different approaches in different areas previously and so we suggest you check the council website in case an application is required in order to receive funding. If you do not pay non-domestic rates you may still be eligible for support but you will have to apply for funding.

Further details of the grants announced and a link to the checking tool can be found below:

The ERF is targeted at businesses in the hospitality, leisure and attraction sectors and their supply chains who have been materially impacted by a greater than 60% reduction of turnover between 13th December 2021 and 14th February 2022.

The Welsh Government ERF administered applications for businesses with a turnover of more than £85,000 will open in the week beginning 17 January 2022 and remain open for two full weeks.

The Local Authorities across Wales will open applications for support for those businesses that are ineligible for Non-Domestic Rates (NDR) support with a turnover of less than £85,000 in the week beginning 10 January 2022 and remain open for two full weeks.

Local Authorities will deliver a Non-Domestic Rates linked grant fund to non-essential retail, hospitality, leisure and tourism for rate-paying businesses. There will not be an application process for this element however in order to receive payment businesses must register with their local authority to confirm their details.

You can use this tool to check your eligibility for this further package of support.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with this, please contact us on 01792 410100 alternatively email