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The Welsh Government is asking for views on plans to change how livestock are identified, registered and their movements reported.

The consultation, which runs until 2 January, relates to processes for sheep, goats, cattle and pigs. This is with the proposed implementation of Bovine Electronic Identification (Bovine EID).

The Welsh Government is aiming to help the farming industry improve farm management and support disease control. Some of the changes implemented would include mandatory whole movement reporting and journey information for all livestock.

The consultation is proposing for voluntary pre-movement reporting. This means that livestock data would be recorded electronically before the animal leaves the holding. This could lead to the removal of paper movement forms for sheep.

There would also be new requirement for Central Point Recording Centres, including markets, to follow. Some examples would be for Centres to read Electronic Identification (EID) tags and provide same-day reporting for all livestock.

Further changes include a new Welsh cattle passport to assist the transportation of cattle. Another change would be the removal of registration and movement reporting for cattle in paper format.

In 2023 the Welsh Government also intends to introduce electronic identification for cattle. This means all newborn calves after an agreed launch date, would need to be identified with two tags. One of these tags will also need to be an EID tag.

Online herd and flock registers and a dedicated circular show movement process to reduce multiple movement reports would also be brought in.

The Government is actively considering views on future identification options for pigs. The Government is also considering an annual registration of holdings and annual inventory of pigs kept in Wales.

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