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R&D Tax Relief – Budget change will increase cash claims for loss making SMEs

The Government announced a change to the R&D tax relief scheme earlier today, which will increase the amount of tax free cash that loss making companies can claim from HMRC under the SME scheme.

If a company spends (for example) £100,000 on R&D it can claim a tax deduction equivalent to 225% of the amount actually spent, and tax losses of up to £225,000 may be surrendered to HMRC for a tax free cash payment. This part of the rules remain unchanged. However, what has changed is the rate at which these tax losses can be converted into cash.

This rate is currently 11%, and therefore a company can currently claim up to £24,750 of tax free cash from HMRC (based on the £100,000 spend). However, for expenditure incurred on or after 1 April 2014 this rate will increase to 14.5%, and therefore the tax free cash that could be claimed will increase to £32,625 – an increase of £7,875.

Paul Arnold – Bevan & Buckland Tax Partner

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