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Bevan Buckland LLP, Wales’ largest independent accountancy practice is continuing to support various community groups. One beneficiary of Bevan Buckland LLP’s altruism is Dunvant & Three Crosses AFC U15s football team. They are a local club empowering young boys to take up football, with the hope of also providing more young people the opportunity to take part in sport and build confidence.

Philip Stapley and Adrian Maund, the coaches of Dunvant and Three Crosses AFC under 15’s said “We are delighted to receive sponsorship from Bevan Buckland LLP. This goes a long way in helping bring youngsters the right equipment they need in the sport. We are proud that it’s a partnership that is part of the existing community and local to the team. We hope this will at the same time raise the profile of the local football club”.

Sara Dennis, Director at Bevan Buckland LLP also added: “We are extremely proud to be the main sponsor of Dunvant and Three Crosses AFC U15s football team. We are driven by wanting to support grassroots level youth football. We have chosen to support this team due to the positive effects that youth football brings out in young people.”

After an extended period of uncertainty, Bevan Buckland LLP’s sponsorship effort will be a massive sign of encouragement to Dunvant and Three Crosses AFC U15s. The Swansea headquartered firm has historically been very generous, raising funds for a number of charities. This latest act of goodwill is another great indicator of the firm’s big-heartedness as they continue to expand their workforce.

Bevan Buckland LLP is the largest independent accountancy practice in Wales. They offer a full range of accounting, tax and financial planning services to clients in different sectors. Headquartered in Swansea, the firm has offices in Cowbridge, Carmarthen, Pembroke, Haverfordwest and St. Davids.