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SSP Recovery for Small Employers that pay over 13% of their total NI for the Pay Period will stop in March 2014

The scheme to recover SSP is being abolished from 6 April 2014. This new legislation has not been fully publicised as it seems to have slipped in under the radar with RTI and Auto enrolment taking the centre stage – although further investigation shows this was put forward back in January 2013.

Commenting on the changes Bevan & Buckland payroll manager Tina Davies said “This could prove counter-productive and damage the government’s efforts to support small businesses and encourage entrepreneurship?

Small employers need to be aware, as they will have to pay out up to 28 weeks of SSP per long-term sick employee. This is a major change and hopefully the press will pick up on it eventually. The New £2,000 Employer NI allowance will not fully compensate every business, because if they only pay part-timers there is no Employer’s NI to save. The bigger employers will gain the most from it as they probably couldn’t recover any SSP anyway.”

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