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We are proud to announce that our latest sponsorship is of The South Wales Warriors, the only adult full-contact American football team in Wales. This collaboration with the Warriors signifies our ongoing commitment to enhancing the Welsh communities that we serve and enabling local people to be a part of the sports scene in South Wales. 

The South Wales Warriors, founded in 2001 and based in Llanharan since 2009, have become a staple in the Welsh American football landscape. The team has played a crucial role in connecting local university teams, such as the Cardiff Cobras, Swansea Titans, and Tarannau Aberystwyth, bringing together former rivals as allies under the Warriors’ banner. 

Club Chairman David Coles expresses his gratitude: “The South Wales Warriors would like to thank Bevan Buckland LLP for their sponsorship this year. We rely on the willingness and generosity of hardworking, local companies to help us represent South Wales in American Football at all ages while developing the game for future generations in the region.” 

Bevan Buckland LLP’s sponsorship comes at a pivotal time for the South Wales Warriors, as they aim to solidify their place in Division 1 of the BAFA National League. The financial support will also contribute to the team’s long-term goal of becoming playoff contenders and securing promotion to the prestigious Adult Premier Division. 

The Warriors, the only youth contact team in Wales, are poised to benefit from this partnership by continuing to develop the skills and attitudes of future athletes. The sponsorship aligns perfectly with the club’s vision of fostering growth, both within the adult team and the newly established youth teams. 

As the South Wales Warriors embark on the 2024 season, there is a sense of excitement within the club. Under the guidance of a new roster of coaches and the recently appointed Head Coach Jacob Law, the adult team is gearing up for a strong year. Meanwhile, the U19s team, currently an associate team, strives to attain full league status and enter into full league competition. 

Bevan Buckland LLP is thrilled to be a part of The South Wales Warriors’ journey and contribute to American football’s growth in South Wales. If you are looking for sponsorship for your team or club, get in touch by emailing 


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