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Andrew Davies & Demi Lee Clement in Bevan Buckland LLP's office

Leading accountancy practice Bevan Buckland LLP is well known for its commitment to developing its people from within. News that they have recently offered two work experience people permanent positions further confirms this.

Demi Lee Clement and Andrew Davies have now joined the company as Account Juniors. The pair originally came to Bevan Buckland LLP for work experience to gain the additional skills and qualities needed to fulfil their aspirations and obtain relevant qualifications. Their passionate, enthusiastic and hardworking natures were noted by the firm’s staff, which resulted in both Demi and Andrew securing full time jobs.

“I am delighted to have gained a full time position with Bevan Buckland LLP. It’s a great company to work for. They’ve been incredibly supportive throughout my time with them, and I know I will have all the guidance I need to achieve my goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant,” said Demi.

Andrew added, “I am grateful to Bevan Buckland LLP for the opportunities that have been given to me. The experience I have already gained while training is invaluable. Obtaining a full time position with one of the largest accountancy firms in South Wales is something I am extremely proud of.”

Their addition follows a string of new appointments across various departments. Recruitment and continuing staff development have been top priorities for the firm as it forges on with its 2nd century plans. The latest additions mean the firm now has more than 90 staff members, including partners and consultants.

“Bevan Buckland LLP is a constantly evolving company and with plans to widen our network, we will be looking to recruit more staff in the coming months to facilitate our growth. We are thrilled to introduce a number of new young professionals into the industry, and help train and improve their skillsets,” concluded Vanessa Thomas-Parry, Learning & Development Manager at Bevan Buckland LLP.